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A young stud named Calvin searches for his roots and begins a journey that teaches him about himself -and what it means to be a man – in Steven Scarborough’s beautifully shot coming-of-age classic, The Road Home. Starring mid-western dream boy Todd Gibbs and featuring a stunning cast of hot big-dicked Americans who love to play in the great outdoors, The Road Home follows Calvin (Gibbs) as he leaves his childhood orphanage to uncover the mystery of his past that lies hidden in an old homestead down the road a bit from Hopeful.

After leaving the orphanage and hopping a Greyhound to the small town of Hopeful, redheaded Todd Gibbs heads to the county recorder’s office to dig up his adoption records. But when Beau Saxon tells him the records are sealed and not open to public viewing, Gibbs works his stud-boy charm to convince Saxon otherwise.

In moments, the two men are undressing each other while they kiss passionately before Saxon drops to his knees to service Gibbs’ thick, veiny tool. Using both his hand and his mouth, Saxon works himself up and down the length of Gibbs’ shaft, pausing only to bat it around a bit with his hand. Then Saxon turns Gibbs around, and slides his cock up the hot redhead’s ass. Gibbs receives Saxon willingly, stroking his cock while he gets pummeled from behind.

After flipping over to lay on his back on top of a desk, Gibbs looks up into Saxon’s eyes as the county employee continues to work his ass over. Saxon grabs onto Gibbs’ cock and begins to stroke him. “You’re gonna make me cum,” Gibbs announces, firing off several rounds of white jizz that lands on his smooth, rockhard stomach. Saxon is quick to follow, pulling out and squirting his load onto Gibbs’ sixpack with a smile on his face. Later, as Gibbs heads down the road with the records he came for, Saxon enjoys an after-sex doughnut.

As Todd hitchhikes toward home, Matt Bradshaw picks him up in a beat up old truck. Bradshaw announces “this heat makes me horny, we’re not going anywhere until I get off…” He begins to stroke his cock as Gibbs watches, and then adds, “This would go a lot faster if you would help me out.” At first hesitant, Gibbs obliges, wrapping his hand around Bradshaw’s thick tool and tugging on it as Bradshaw coaches him on and pinches his own nipples. “That’s good,” Bradshaw moans as Gibbs pulls on his pud. Gibbs strokes him to a spurting conclusion of white-hot cum landing on his stomach and Gibbs’ still-pumping hand.

Sated, Bradshaw zips up and the two head back out on the road ending up at the home of Calvin’s aunt, who reveals the details of his heritage. Turns out they’re cousins! “I wonder where that boy is…” she says, calling out for Bradshaw.

Meanwhile, out by the shed, Bradshaw is keeping himself occupied with his good buddy Jordan West, who’s down on his knees in the grass with Bradshaw’s cock lodged in his throat. After slobbering over Bradshaw’s cock, West then focuses his oral attentions on Bradshaw’s smooth, rosy ass.

“Yeah, eat my ass,” Bradshaw groans, rubbing West’s chest. Bradshaw then returns the favor, working his mouth up and down West’s tool for a spell before turning him around so he can rim and finger West’s slightly fuzzy hole. West cries his appreciation all the while, especially when Bradshaw plugs that hole up with his dick. “You got a sweet ass,” Bradshaw says, to which West happily replies, “You know how to ride it.” Bradshaw keeps it up, sliding his cock in an out of West’s hole, flipping West over onto his back.

“Come on, shoot that load!” West shouts, and Bradshaw does just that, his cum exploding out of his cock and landing all over West’s chest and face. Obviously taught by his mother how to clean off his plate, Bradshaw bends over and licks his cream off West’s mouth as the two bask in the summer sun.

Gibbs settles into country life, and soon learns that things down on the farm aren’t as boring as one might think. One day in the barn, he comes across the site of neighbor boy Cole Youngblood sucking the cock of buddy Tony Cummings. When they realize he is there, the two boys invite Gibbs to join them. With Gibbs standing on a bale of hay, Youngblood takes care of his front while Cummings tends to the back.

With a mouth on his cock and a tongue in his ass, Gibbs is in pure hog heaven. The three boys each shoot a load, but the fun is far from over. Youngblood drops to his knees to service both Gibbs’ and Cummings’ cocks, saliva spilling from his mouth as he deep throats each one. Next, Cummings cleans Gibbs’ ass, darting his tongue in and out of the pinkish opening before replacing his tongue with his cock. Todd’s dick bounces up and down as Cummings thrusts into him while Youngblood spews a load. Gibbs splatters his jizz onto the hay and Tony unloads all over Todd’s milky-white back.

After taking a bath in bleach to try and cleanse himself of his “sins,” Gibbs makes his way to the local church, where he confesses his sins to the local priest (played by porn superstar Ryan Idol!) While Gibbs relays the stories of his previous encounters, Idol opens his robe to reveal his legendary prick and begins to stroke himself off.

In no time, he shoots a load onto his leg, groaning out loud as Gibbs wonders what is going on. Composing himself, Father Idol tells Gibbs, “Remember, my son, God loves all His children, in all shapes and forms.” After returning to his aunt’s farmhouse, Gibbs learns a shocking secret when she reveals that Gibbs’ father was gay and once had a male lover who now lives on a farm further west. Wanting to learn all that he can about his late father, Gibbs takes to the road again.

Meanwhile, further west, it seems that farms were meant for sex. Farmhands Nino Bacci and Dan Brewer both take turns servicing the cock of Marcelo Reeves, who is only too happy to be serviced. Bacci rims Reeves as Brewer continues to feast on Reeves’ tool, then sticks his tongue up inside Brewer’s sweaty hole. The rimfest continues, with Bacci greedily cleaning out both studs’ holes. There’s more kissing and sucking, then Bacci gets bent over a large barrel while Reeves fucks him from behind. “Fuck that hole harder!” Brewer shouts out, stroking himself while Reeves does just that, pummeling Bacci with all his might.

That’s when Gibbs arrives on the scene, looking for his father’s lover but finding the threesome instead. “Come on over,” Brewer shouts, and Gibbs is quick to do so. While Reeves continues to fuck Bacci, Brewer takes care of Gibbs’ cock, sucking on it for a spell before offering it to Bacci to feast on as well. Reeves then fucks Brewer while Gibbs takes a turn plowing Bacci. There’s plenty of grunting and groaning here, as these four fuckstuds continue their afternoon sweatfest. Both Bacci and Brewer prove to be hardcore power bottoms, taking everything that Gibbs and Reeves have to give. The scenes comes to a juicy finish when Gibbs, Reeves and Brewer all three shoot their loads onto Bacci, who follows quickly behind with a load of his own.

Later, Gibbs finds the man he is looking for-his “uncle,” who welcomes him with open arms, and Gibbs-more of a man than before-realizes that he has finally made his way home.

Stars: Ryan Idol, Marcelo Reeves, Matt Bradshaw, Cole Youngblood, Jordan West, Nino Bacci, Dan Brewer, Todd Gibbs, Beau Saxon, Father O’Ryan

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