The Pond – Pleaure In The Water

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Video: The Pond - Pleaure In The Water

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The Pond presents a once-in-a-lifetime voyeuristic peek at five hunky midwestern friends spending a lazy summer day bonding at their secret watering hole sunbathing and skinny-dipping.

It’s all captured here as you watch these buddies trade jokes and sip on ice cold beers. The sun heats up and so do our boys as, one after another, they strip down for some skinny dipping and horsing around…in and out of the water.

The pond’s remote setting and sense of privacy eventually overcomes these hunks as they abandon their inhibitions. Witness the games boys play when they don’t know you’re there to see them! Within the pond’s private world, these all American men explore the masculine beauty of each other’s bodies and puch the envelope of innocence into the flames of sexual desire.

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