The Missing – Disc One

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Video: The Missing - Disc One

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Steven Scarborough will ensnare you with The Missing, his darkest work to date featuring Hot House Exclusive Kent North. This Hardcore Director’s Cut Two Disc Set makes Hot House history with our biggest cast ever! Starring 18 Hot House Men, including 7 Hot House Exclusives, The Missing unleashes 6 powerful scenes of unbeatable Scarborough action. Driven by a dark and brooding soundtrack from NY underground legend DJ Little Rock, The Missing clocks in at over three hours, packed with DVD extras you won’t want to miss, including a full-length Hardcore Bonus Scene PLUS our trademark Fuck Compilation, Cumshot Compilation, and XXX Gallery that capture all the hottest moments in this unbelievable epic.

Scene One

Kent North regains consciousness in a holding cell somewhere in the compound; he’s restrained in a full bodybag – but Rod Barry removes his hood and forces him to suck Shane Rollins’ fat dick. In the background Trevor Knight sticks all 11 inches of his rock hard prick up the big ass of Dean Tucker, another new addition to the compound. Nick Piston shoves his fat club in Dean’s mouth, growling with his gravelly, sexy voice. The two fuck Dean from both ends while Barry unzips Kent from his bag and puts him into full service. The hazing is a torrent of verbal assault and humiliation as the new recruits choke on the giant cocks and gasp for air through their pinched noses.

Next, the studs lineup to gangbang Kent, fucking their new toy without mercy and causing Kent’s body to shudder from misuse. Dean is next as Trevor and Rod rip him a new asshole with a vicious double- penetration followed by an enormous black dildo. The scene ends in an explosive release of boiling hot cumshots just as The Abductor suddenly appears on the scene, collaring Kent, and ordering him to be brought to dinner as his slave.

Scene Two

Jason Ridge is latched spread-eagle on an ingenious St. Andrews cross that rotates; his master (Kirk Ziegler) sends Jason spinning as punishment for his defiance. The disoriented stud falls to his knees as he’s released. Since he’s on the floor, Kirk puts the stud’s mouth to good use, face-fucking his slave with his big, uncut cock. Jason’s mouth drips with long, silvery threads of spit from the expert cocksucking. Next Kirk positions Jason on all fours and rims his jock-framed butthole. The slave’s hole twitches from the sensation of Kirk’s rough tongue. Kirk fully lowers his leather pants and shoves his big prick right into Jason’s moist hole; he begins to hump with long, slow teasing strokes that slowly give way to Category 5 brutality. Kirk flips the stud on his back and bangs his ass as Jason begs him to fuck the cum out of him. Both men spurt enormous loads and collapse from exhaustion.

Scene Three

Kent North, Martin Mazza, and Antonio Roca are caged under the dinner table as The Abductor dines with muscle-god Tony Mecelli. The Abductor is called away midmeal, leaving Mecelli free to take advantage of the situation. He immediately releases the slaves and orders them into service, one on his boot, one on his armpits, and the other on his unbelievable 10 inch cock. Suddenly, The Abductor returns to take Kent away in a straight jacket, leaving Mecelli with the two slaves to fight over his mammoth meat. Tony takes a seat and Antonio quickly spins round to sit on the giant cock. He begins to bounce up and down, his own rock hard cock swinging to the beat like a metronome. Next, Mecelli puts Martin up on the chair and bends him over to show off his perfect round globes. Tony pumps his ass from behind and orders Mazza to suck Antonio’s dick like it was his. Tony stands up to shoot his load, towering over the two slaves and, in a rare gesture of kindness, allows them to cum before recaging them.

Scene Four

Marco Paris walks into a holding pen and places his boot on the back of hogtied Jed Willcox; in the background Matt Majors feeds his incredibly fat club through the bars of a cage to Martin Mazza’s eager mouth. Mazza repeatedly gags from the girth of the monster meat but never lets up. Marco pulls out his rock hard dick and presents it to Jed for immediate service. The cocksucker grinds his crotch on the ground, his hot muscle ass writhing in the air as he worships his master’s dick. Majors grabs his slave out of the cage and pushes him onto the floor for immediate mounting, driving Mazza’s asshole with a Herculean ferocity. Meanwhile, Willcox hikes his ass in the air, puts his chin to the ground, and pushes his hole out for Paris to rim and plow. Next, the four lie on their sides and train fuck – a twisted tangle of assholes stuffed with huge cocks pointed toward the camera. After a double reverse cowboy, Roca rolls back on his neck, pointing his hole straight up. The men line up to tag team the waiting hole, dipping their dicks in and causing Roca to shower his load onto his face. The others soon follow, completely coating the used stud with jizz.

Scene Five

Enzo Grimaldi is drawn and quartered facedown on a four-poster bed, his giant, lightly hairy ass bulging out of his jock. Nick Piston takes a riding crop and begins to whip the lily-white mounds until they begin to turn rose and purple from the repeated lashing. Trevor Knight stands in the background stuffing his 11 inch pipe through a glory hole in the door of the isolation chamber where Kent North is being held. Nick continues to lash Enzo’s ass, forcing him to beg for more, then decides to share him with his buddy Trevor. The two tagteam his mouth, then lie him down and begin to assault his blistered butt with their enormous dicks. Trevor deep dicks him first, effortlessly sliding his prick in and out with astonishing speed. Enzo moves onto all fours next as Nick takes him from behind and puts all of his giant 200 pound frame into each thrust. The cum begins to fly as the men reach a fevered climax and cry out in low guttural tones.

Bonus Disc

This full-length bonus scene begins with Rik Jammer’s giant round ass popping out of his jock as he kneels to bury his face in Chuck DiRocco’s crotch. After some spit-swapping, Chuck gloves up both hands, scoops up two handfuls of grease, and smears it all over Rik’s butt. Slowly he begins to slide his huge hands in the sloppy hole, one after the other. Jammer’s hole stands open at attention every time DiRocco pulls his hand out, a giant rosebud blossoming after repeated insertions. Jammer begs him to put his heavily tattooed arms back to work and punch fuck the insatiable asspig. Finally, Chuck bangs the well-used hole with his cock, marveling at the loose, pliable sensation, before they bust their nuts.

Stars: Marco Paris, Rod Barry, Rik Jammer, Nick Piston, Jason Ridge, Shane Rollins, Trevor Knight, Matt Majors, Martin Mazza, Chuck Dirocco, Antonio Roca, Dean Tucker, Tony Mecelli, Kirk Ziegler, Enzo Grimaldi, Kent North, Jed Willcox, Warren Lord

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