The Bullwhip Collection: Backstage Pass

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Video: The Bullwhip Collection: Backstage Pass

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This old school release showcases a variety of sizzling hot scenes, from wild bondage and discipline to passionate bedroom lovemaking. The asses are amazingly round, the dicks are unbelievably thick, and the sex is out of control. Each scene is followed by a photo collage/slideshow of the models.

Scene Two

After making him cover the blackboard with “I will not play with myself in class,” Jack Tower bends his student (Scott Baldwin) over the desk and paddles his huge, round ass with a ruler. But he can think of a more appropriate punishment for the unremorseful jock boy. He grabs his cock from behind and starts stroking it. Hungry for a taste of that big mushroom head, he turns Scott around and gets himself a mouthful. But that’s not enough for Jack. He stands up, throws Scott onto the desk and grabs a taste of his meaty ass before he stuffs his big daddy dick in. But suddenly Scott jumps on top and pounds his meat into Jack’s ass to teach him a lesson of his own. He pulls out and shoots his load first – right on his teacher’s nuts! Jack gets ready to cum and shoots an out of control blast of jizz all over them both.

Scene Three

Muscled, super-hairy sex god Zak Spears is pushing face with smooth stud Claude Jourdan on a bed as photographers take pictures of the two. Zak moves down and as he completely swallows Claude’s cock, his partner starts piston-fucking into his deep, wet throat. Then its Zak’s turn to lay back and fill Claude’s mouth with his big dick while he reaches over and slaps the boy’s smooth ass. He squats over Claude’s face and gets his ass chewed on for a minute before he decides to take up pounding his prick into Claude’s anxious butthole. Claude is the luckiest man alive as Zak fucks him from every direction- flat on his stomach, from the side “scissor style,” like a dog hanging off the bed, and missionary position. Finally they can’t hold off any more and they both blow all over Claude’s smooth belly and chest.

Scene Four

Dallas Taylor loves to make his bottom boys squirm with pleasure and you can tell he has had some practice. The beautifully masculine Beau Saxon is squirming on his back as Dallas works his oral skills, up and down the shaft and all the way around the nuts to the puckering hole. Beau scoots around to reciprocate in 69, finding out that his ass is in for a total stretching by Dallas’ insanely huge piece. He sticks his bubble butt up straight up in the air and waits for it. Dallas is right on that hole, priming it with his tounge. Finally he sticks it in and tears the bottom stud’s ass up doggie style. Even Beau looks a little worried at first as his ring is stretched out to fit the thick chunk of meat being stuffed inside him from behind; but, of course, he takes it like a pro. Dallas flips him over and fucks him missionary for a while, then puts him back onto his stomach and pounds him into the sheets. The both get up and face each other and within a few strokes Beau is spilling his seed across the bed. Dallas grabs Beau’s hand and fills his up with one of the biggest loads ever caught on film! Beau lifts his cupped hand to Dallas’ mouth and he laps it up as it spills over the palm and drips on them both.

Scene Five

Muscle-bound bottom Damon Wolf is tied to a chair with duct tape over his mouth, his ripped, sweaty torso glistening under the swinging overhead lamp. In walks his sultry captor, the super-hung, dom top Shawn Justin, who taunts and manhandles the frightened captive. Damon is untied and immediately has the thickest dick soon shoved down his throat. But Shawn is not an unsympathetic top; he sees that this makes Damon’s own dick stand up and he moves in for a taste. He stuffs the bottom’s jock into his mouth and bends him over the chair he was tied to. Shawn gets his hole ready with his spit, burying his face into the big musclebutt. Then he stands up and pushes his big, fat reward into the boy’s quivering hole. Once he feels Damon’s ass is sufficiently tore up, Shawn gets underneath and munches his ass while they both bust their nuts onto his chest.

Stars: Dallas Taylor, Shawn Justin, Zak Spears, Scott Baldwin, Damon Wolf, Claude Jourdan, Jack Tower, Beau Saxon, Ray Harley

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