Surfers Unleashed

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Video: Surfers Unleashed

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Point Break Studios
Stewart Wellington comes back from the beach looking for his buddies to go out and party. Well no one is home he decides to rub one out on his own. Watch as this muscular straight stud shows every inch of himself as he blows his huge wad over his massive chest.
Newcomer Rex Roddick walks in as gym stud Stewart is watching a porno. Determined to get a taste of what Stewart’s girlfriend has all the time, Rex’s frontal assault end up a rear assault, on himself! Watch as the hung newcomer ends up on the “bottom” for the first time!

Brandon Fox takes the dive and makes a porno with his girlfriend. As he excitingly waits for best buddy Stewart to come home and watch it with him, he starts to watch himself and his girlfriend. Before you know it Brandon gets a hold of himself and can’t let go. Watch this straight surfer come to a “happy ending” as he watches himself pound his girlfriend.

Having found he enjoyed the pounding that Stewart gave him, Rex Roddick decides to go after surfer Andy Blue for another try at bottoming. But Andy Blue won’t service him, at least until hung Roddick gives the power bottom what he wants. Watch as these 2 hot guys do a flip flop that only “straight surfers” can do!

Johnny Cannon comes in from the pool to get something to cool him off. Watch as this hot and hung surfer uses anything to cool himself off. After watching Johnny cool himself to “satisfaction” you will never see ice cream and whip cream again without thinking about this hot stud working himself to “vent” his frustrations.
Hot and in need of relief, Stewart Wellington comes back to the beach house to find the young grom Blake Logan eating lunch. Wanting to get a helping hand from the newbie he decides to watch a porno in clear view of the young surfer. Before you know it these 2 straight surfers are not only servicing each other, they both come to a gushing ending at the same time. You won’t want to miss this climatic ending!

After watching all these hot young “Straight Surfers” you will want to keep your eye out for the next new movie from Point Break Studios!

Stars: Andy Blue, Stewart Wellington, Brandon Fox, Blake Logan, Rex Roddick, Johnny Cannon

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