Sexual Infidelity

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Lucas Entertainment
Lucas Entertainment is proud to present our newest gay adult film, Sexual Infidelity. Our first production, Back in the Saddle, was nominated for a Gay Adult Video News award last month. We think that Homebodies is an even hotter film, and hope you’ll agree.

Sexual Infidelity is almost two full hours long, and features some of the East Coast’s hottest porn names. The plot follows a troubled New York couple (Back in the Saddle’s adorable Roberto Vista and blond newcomer Scott Matthews) through romantic troubles, infidelity, and finally reconciliation. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Scene One:

Roberto and Scott wake up in the bed they share. Scott wants some action but Roberto disses him and leaves to work. So Scott calls up a guy he met a week earlier, Dean Edwards. Dean comes over, and Scott fucks him silly. When Roberto calls in from work, Scott is relaxing with his dick in Dean’s mouth. But he tells Roberto that’s he’s alone.

Scene Two:

That night, our couple goes to a bar, where they eye a sleazy stripper (Chris Capelli). They have a fight, and Scott leaves in a huff. Roberto gets drunk and lets himself get picked up by big-dicked Cameron Taylor. At closing time, hunky black bartender Tyson Cane really gives it to the stripper, and a beer enema leads to an explosive climax.

Scene Three:

Back at Cameron’s apartment, Roberto gets into a threeway with Cameron and studly houseguest Logan Reed. Roberto takes Logan’s cock deep in his tight little ass while the two of them take turns sucking on Cameron.

Scene Four:

Roberto goes home the next day and makes up with Scott. They make love, and fuck each other in a romantic scene. They promise to behave but Roberto’s smile suggests that there may be more mischief ahead.

Stars: Logan Reed, Tyson Cane, Scott Matthews, Cameron Taylor, Dean Edwards, Daniel Rossi, Roberto Vista, Chris Capelli

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