Rush Vs. Dragon

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Video: Rush Vs. Dragon

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Matthew takes Jack on a tour through a house, which winds up with a scorching kiss on the staircase. The kiss expands into deep kissing, groping and eventually the loss of shirts. These muscle gods grunt and groan to our delight! Jack goes for Matthew’s cock and soon, both cocks are in Jack’s hands. Some mutual cock sucking ensues before Jack rims and fingers Matthew’s ass hole. This drives Matthew wild, and the two proceed to the master bedroom. Jack is soon plowing Matthew’s ass – first standing up, then on the bed and finally side-saddle. Jack reams his ass until both blow their loads. Three additional scenes round out the film, however the first is Matthew Rush’s only appearance.

Stars: Mickey, Simon, Romano, Albert, Matthew Rush, Tattoo Junior, Jack Dragon, Zsolt XXL

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