Pullin’ Rank 2

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Video: Pullin' Rank 2

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Active Duty Productions
In Pullin’ Rank 2, we’ve got two hot scenes for you. First: Jack and Dane team up to surprise Quinn with all sorts of eye-popping action. By the time this scene is over, Jack and Dane have flip-flopped and Jack’s face and torso ends up just covered in cum … it’s insane! We’re not sure if Quinn knew what he was getting himself into, but he sure knows now.

In the second sequence, we get a four way with Brian, Randy, Kasey and the return of little Damien! My, how long has it been?

Damien bottoms for everyone, Kasey gets fucked by Brian and then Brian takes on Randy’s massive cock … In the finale, everybody shoots their load on Brian’s chest. Whew!

Military types pulling rank on the new guy. Guess what he has to do? Rank has its privileges, so the new guy has to do whatever the old-heads want him to do. You guessed it–he’s got to suck a lot of cock and then roll over for the some good old fashioned man-stroking. Military precision requires this newcummer to perform according to protocol. And you know what–he brings up the rear quite handily.

Stars: Jack, Quinn, Brian Austin, Dane, Kasey, Ricky Hawke, Damien White

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