Pigs Gone Wild – Directors Extended Edition

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Video: Pigs Gone Wild -  Directors Extended Edition

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Hot Desert Knights
The new Director’s Expanded Edition of “Pigs Gone Wild” features a total of 11 guys fisting and fucking with wild abandon. The party lasted 48 hours and HDK captured the best of the action on film. Everything from two-handed fisting, foot fucking, bicep deep fisting and the wildest 9 man DAISY CHAIN you’ve ever seen.

The action in “Pigs Gone Wild” is not staged, it’s real and natural. Real men, fisting and fucking non-stop, doing whatever felt good. The asses get punched, fucked and stretched beyond your wildest imaginations. Don’t turn the volume up too loud when watching; your neighbors will wonder what’s happening when they hear these PIGS SQUEALING!

It felt good… they did it… over and over and over again.

Stars: Jean Luc, Giorgio, Bill Freyer, Big Daddy, Thunder, Peter Peruvian, Richard Rider, Chris Cohand, Rocky Harden, Roy Raven

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