Personal Trainers Part 10

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Video: Personal Trainers Part 10

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Bel Ami
It’s been two years since the last edition of the very popular Personal Trainers series came out. Finally, with the release of Personal Trainers 10, the series returns with a bang introducing not only new apprentices, but new trainers as well. Four training episodes showcase the up-and-coming talent that will bedazzle viewers in future feature films. Sebastian Bonnet, the ultimate trainer from the previous editions, returns, but this time behind the camera, except for one very lucky trainee. Even [more] a former trainee returns, Josh Elliot, inheriting Sebastian’s enviable position of training future Bel Ami models. Josh Elliot and Todd Rosset are the designated trainers for the first episode. It falls to Luke Hamill, though, to prepare Jean-Claude Duvall for his … ah, close-ups. Standing bent over in a shower stall holding his cheeks apart and with his low-hanging ball sack swinging in the breeze, Jean-Claude’s hairy butt crack is shaved clean as a whistle by Luke’s expert handling of an electric razor. Meanwhile, as the newbie is having the most personal part of his anatomy embarrassingly fussed over, Sebastian Bonnet, the director/cameraman for this session, and his trainers are discussing what they’re going to do to get Jean-Claude up to speed of what’s required of a Bel Ami model.

Stars: Sebastian Bonnet, Todd Rosset, Luke Hamill, Josh Elliot, Keanu Faria, Jason Knightley, Dolph Lambert, Jean-Cleaude Duvall, Jim Henson

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