Minute Man Series Fourteen – Men In Uniforms

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Video: Minute Man Series Fourteen - Men In Uniforms

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Buckshot Productions
You’re in the Army now! Rowdy recruit Jake can’t find an outlet for all his explosive sexual energy, until he gets that “letter from home” from a lover far away. Suddenly, potent macho memories come flooding back. It isn’t long before Jake’s sizzling salute to self-lust is going great guns.

If you think the gold ring that glistens in his left nipple reflects a macho personality, just wait. You aint seen nothin’ til you see hyper hunk Ryan and his Ring Of Fire. When the very incendiary Mr. Hayward returns home from a night of dousing flames, he wants what every fireman wants- a beer, a shower and sleep. He gets all three, but a bit of the burning seems to return as the heavy gauge gold ring that usually hangs from the end of his overheated firehose quickly tops a four alarm urge. With a few strokes he turns his bedroom into a pounding pumphouse!

Friday night the crew is off the ship on a weekend pass. Joe Falco draws the kind of duty no officer wants, in port ship security. He’s hot, he’s lonely and he’s horny. Stripping off his dress whites, he pulls a skin magazine from his locker and lets the good times roll. Alone in his private quarters, he worships his own magnificent physique as it deserves to be. His pull-tab nipples get a heavy workout as he reaches a shooting, seismic climax that really rocks the boat.

A nasty, pulsating, good ol’ fashioned pump-and-grind striptease with the kind of uncut hot cop you’re going to ever see in dreams, or this video. When Officer Rodman starts to dance, everybody feels the beat.

Stars: Jake Tanner, Hal Rodman, Ryan Hayward, Joe Falco

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