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Video: Manhunt.The Movie

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Director Steven Scarborough and join forces to bring you Manhunt.TheMovie! Hot House Exclusive Dick Wolf and Arpad Miklos lead this cast of 11 Internet savvy hunks who re-enact actual XXX encounters as told by the members of The bar scene is officially dead; these days, thousands of guys are online now and this is what they’re looking for!

Scene One

Everybody’s favorite hairy muscle stud Collin O’Neal snags himself a nice smooth jockboy to skewer for some afternoon delight. Andrew gets right onto Collin’s thick piece, swallowing the whole thing and hungrily tonguing his swollen head and nuts. Once Collin is thoroughly wound up he turns Andrew around and chows down on his smooth bubble butt. But a taste is never enough, so Collin buries his big, mean chunk of meat into the boy’s tight, pink hole.

At first it seems like the nine inch dick is just too much for Andrew, but not for long. He climbs up on top of ripped, furry O’Neal and rides that horse dick like a pro. By now the two have themselves worked into a sweaty fury and Collin throws Andrew on his back and pummels his hole with his legs all the way back by his ears until they both cum fat white loads across Andrew’s six pack abs.

Scene Two

Corbin Michaels and Andy Hunter are a hungry boyfriend team looking for a third. They find a hot stud on Manhunt to tag team, but Corbin overheats while waiting for him to show up. He immediately busies himself with a mouthful of Andy’s long, hard cock. As if to let Corbin know what his ass is really in for, Andy starts to thrust the length of his tool down Corbin’s throat as he slides his fingers in and out of the hungry hole waiting at the other end.

Andy finally moves around to give Corbin’s ass what it deserves, slamming his rock hard dick all the way in and out with the force and speed of a mechanical bull, which really gets Corbin hollerin’. He then climbs on top to ride it himself but Andy is relentless, piston pumping his ass from underneath! Finally Felipe Carson arrives with his fat, uncut piece of meat. But these boys are mainly interested in using the stud’s holes. They take turns plugging him from either end until Corbin climbs up and sits on the third’s face. This is too much for Felipe and he squirts his spunk across his chest and stomach. The other two are not far behind him and Andy manages to shoot across both of the sweaty muscleboys.

Scene Three

Tattooed muscle-punk Troy is ready and waiting ass-up on the bed as Alex lets himself in, immediately whips out his long rod and uses it to fuck Troy’s face, making sure to get at it from all angles. Troy’s ass starts gyrating, begging for the real thing, and Alex is happy to comply. Entering tenderly at first, Alex works himself up into a craze and begins fucking him like an animal first from behind and then from underneath while Troy feverishly jacks his meat. Finally Alex tosses Troy onto his back for some good old-fashioned missionary position, and pounds the poor Punk’s ass until they both shoot thick loads onto Troy’s torso.

Scene Four

The towering Hungarian muscle beast anxiously awaits his tricks arrival, already hard and wearing just a towel. No time is wasted once he gets Owen in the door- the towel comes off revealing his monster of a prick, which immediately disappears completely into the hungry bottom’s talented throat. Seeing his expertise, Arpad delivers a face fucking that Owen will not soon forget, just before he wraps his own lips around the fat, uncut piece sticking out of the bottom boy’s jockstrap. But this big man is hungry for more than just cockmeat, so he spins Owen around and goes back and fourth tasting the boy’s big, juicy butt and sucking on his dick from behind.

Finally when he feels the ass is primed, he stands up and fills it with his massive member. Unsatisfied, he flips Owen onto his back so he can get a better angle to shove the whole thing all the way into the boy’s quivering hole. Just as his hole feels like it’s about to be completely wrecked, Owen jumps up and rides the monster cock from above until he blows his load. Then he spins around to catch the Hungarian’s huge load splatter across his face and chest.

Scene Five

Big muscle daddy Jon Galt is closing up shop in the gym he manages; but he’s been on Manhunt and has snagged muscle pup Dick Wolf to drop by after hours. Wolf rolls back on the bench press as Galt shoves his bearded face into his huge, round jock-framed ass. Wolf demands a taste of Jon’s dick and exercises his mad skills lubing it up with his spit while he fingers his own hole, getting the two prepared for each other.

Seeing that they are ready, Jon offers up his big daddy dick which gets Wolf working, slamming himself backwards to meet each of Jon’s thrusts. In an attempt to feel the full depth of the bottom’s hole, Jon turns Wolf upside down on the gym floor and fucks him from above. Once he’s had enough, he orders Dick to fill his still hungry hole with a rubber dildo of inhumane proportions. That hits the spot, and the muscle boy blows his load onto the gym mat. The pleased top rewards him by covering his face with his own spew.

Stars: Andy Hunter, Alex LeMonde, Jon Galt, Arpad Miklos, Owen Hawk, Andrew Rubio, Corbin Michaels, Troy Punk, Collin O’Neal, Felipe Carson, Dick Wolf

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