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Video: Made In The Shade 1

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Bijou Classics
Subtitled “The Ultimate Black Summer Fantasy,” this film features a well-hung, passionate cast of African American men in one steamy encounter after another.

One scene finds four muscular, masculine, big-dicked black men, naked and experiencing splendor in the grass. Two are stroking their constantly rock-hard cocks while watching the other two suck each other off. One black man pumps into the ass of another as he blows a third beautiful, black cock, all set to beautiful music.

Two dark men fondle each other in a striking blue swimming pool. Pinching their own nipples and pulling on their balls and black rods, two muscled dark men stare at each other across a field. In a barn atop a pile of hay, a black man with a hairy ass sits tight on another dark beauty’s enormous rock-hard dick as they stare intently into each other’s eyes.

The men shoot loads of cum as if to suggest they have endless reserves to be pumped, at will and by the gallon! The sex is slow and sensual and captured in excellent close-ups at revealing angles. The pace is at times a little languid, but with a cast that includes mid-Eighties stars Joe Simmons, Johnny Walker, and Nick Dilasante, this all-black collection still ranks at the top of the genre.

Stars: Johnny Walker, Samuel Hernandez, David Melane, Greg Howard, David Stewart, Morris Nevins, Jim Preston

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