John X Cums to Vegas

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Video: John X Cums to Vegas

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This is John’s first masturbation video entirely shot by a videographer. See John X stroke his hairy, muscular body and cum gallons of sticky cum just for you. This muscle bear takes male masturbation to wildly exciting levels. This video will have you cumming over and over again.

Scene 1: In this scene this muscular bearded man takes a sexy shower. Watch this hairy man lather up every inch of his muscular furry body with special attention to his hairy cock and balls and hairy bubble butt and muscular hairy chest. A great scene for those of us who love to watch hairy muscular men in the shower.

Scene 2: In this scene, John X walks into the bathroom and sits down on the throne. This bearded muscular hairy man can’t resist playing with his hairy cock while he sits on the stool. Watch this sexy man stroke his beautiful curved cock in every way possible and fuck his hairy muscled ass with his fingers. After an extreme masturbation workout, this natural bodybuilder shoots a huge load of cum onto his chest and stomach! A great scene for those who love to see hairy muscular men masturbating.

Scene 3: John X wakes-up with a hard-on and must stroke that hard cock in bed. He then gets out his anal toys and starts jamming them in his tight hairy asshole for us! He probes his hairy bubble butt with a bullet vibe and fingers and then jams big anal beads in his tight hairy asshole. He continues to stroke his beautiful curved cock for us and he sucks on dildos for us while exploring his hairy ass for us. He stuffs his ass with dildos and lets us see deep inside him when he inserts a speculum in his anus. A nice touch for those of us who like medical sex play. He then strokes himself off to another towering wet orgasm getting his hot cum all over himself. He even licks the cum off of himself. There is nothing like real male masturbation!

Scene 4: This scene is incredible and will have you screaming for more! John X takes his nude muscular hairy body outside on the patio and sits down and starts playing with his hairy cock and balls. He gets his beautiful curved cock erect and picks up a cantaloupe with a hole in it, and starts fucking the fruit! You can hear the slurping sound as this muscular hairy man fucks the daylight out of this cantaloupe. He stokes his hard cock some more and fucks the fruit some more and finally shoots his hot cum into the hole of the cantaloupe! This is wild enough of a scene, but John X pushes it further by licking his hot white semen from the cantaloupe and sticking his cum covered tongue into the hole in the fruit to eat all of his own cum! You got to see this scene!

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