Irons’ Men

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Video: Irons' Men

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Cocksure Men
The ever tan, always smiling AJ Irons has plenty to smile about. He’s a versatile guy, so at a three-way pool party he slams away at Dominik Ryder before being on the receiving end of Tristan Baldwin’s thick cock. While working at the Cocksure Men warehouse, he finds a video of coworker Lance Bennett, which inspires some hot flip-flop action. Let’s just say they made plenty of cream for their next coffee break. There’s even more flip-flop action when AJ hooks up with tall, lean Riley Owens. Finally, AJ dons some military gear to get the party started with Jeremy Hunt. And it turns out to be one loud party. Hope the neighbors didn’t mind!

Stars: Tristan Baldwin, Dominik Ryder, AJ Irons, Lance Bennett, Riley Owens, Jeremy Hunt

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