Heartbreak Hotel

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Cazzo Films
The well-known Honeymoon Hotel becomes known as the Heartbreak Hotel when a newly married gay couple arrive for the traditional honeymoon stay. Once a throng of other couples begin to mingle and co-mingle among each other, it’s “every man for himself, and forget about that husband I brought in with me.” The musical beds adventure soon begins. What’s more, the inquisitive bellhop, who has a keyhole view of all the action, soon joins in the fun. With everyone fucking, sucking, and blowing each other, fidelity is out and it’s hello Heartbreak Hotel!

Stars: Tony Vella, Christophe Blanc, David Chelsea, Mats Riem, Norbert Thorme, Mit, Max Schneider, Marco Rochelle, Anthony Spell, Felix Groth, Kai Marsden, Peer Nagel

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