Hazzard Zone

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Video: Hazzard Zone

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Rascal Video
2009 GAYVN Award Nominee for Best Cumshot.

2009 Grabby Award Nominee for Best Cum Scene.

Rascal Video Exclusive and resident Bad-Boy JOHNNY HAZZARD (Winner Best Actor for Wrong Side of the Tracks), sheds his business man attire and enters an underground sex club for the night.
Johnny hooks up with a couple of hunky skinheads, JOSH WEST & VIN COSTES, who force feed him their fat slabs of meat before driving it hard up his ass and covering the superstar with loads of cum!

Other standout scenes include JASON 11″ LONGH and GEOFFREY PAINE who can’t get enough jizz on their faces, and black and white couple AARON RIDGE & BRODIE NEWPORT. Just as he’s exiting for the evening Johnny is confronted by Hunky fat dicked VINNIE D’ANGELO who is not about to let a hot piece of ass go bye un-fucked.

Director CHI CHI LARUE is at the top of his game in this realistic feature that makes the viewer feel like he is in the club watching all of the action going down.

Stars: Jason Longh, Aaron Ridge, Josh West, Brodie Newport, Johnny Hazzard, Vinnie D’Angelo, Geoffrey Paine, Vin Costes

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