Hand Packed III – Jam Packed

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Video: Hand Packed III - Jam Packed

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Club Inferno
Club Inferno first sparked your interest with Handpacked, then fueled the fire with Manpacked. Now part three of Wolfgang Bang’s filthy handball series explodes in your face, featuring so much shocking, outrageous hardcore sex we had to call it Jampacked! Hot House Exclusive Kent North, one of the hottest men to hit the handball scene, makes his debut in Jampacked. Don’t be deceived by his classic good looks. This handsome and hung stud proves to be the nastiest pig in the Club Inferno lineup!

Scene One

Pretty Boy Kent North shows up in a sex club Internet café and picks up mustachioed Ruben D’Angelo. They head off to a playroom in the dark recesses of the club and before you can say “dildo,” Kent has his pants off and is bent over showing off his lily-white ass to Ruben. He hungrily tongues his hole in preparation for a huge 18-inch torpedo used to warm up his ass. Then, with a hefty dose of fuck cream, Ruben slides his gloved mits into the stud and immediately starts to punch-fuck the hell out of him.

The duo understandably attracts a few curious voyeurs from the club. Xavier Vitale, a smooth, short, stocky pig with big legs and one hell of a round ass, immediately gets in on the fist fest, bending over to be gut-checked by Darien Shaw. The foursome line up for a filthy arm chain you just got to see!

Scene Two

What to do when two horny athletes meet in the locker room but they’re both bottoms? Enterprising Mike Vista and Rex Armswell just pull out a couple of huge dildos and pack them all the way up their jock-framed butts! Not to worry, though. Donkey-dicked topmen Tony Serrano and Steven Richards show up and quickly take charge of the jocks. First they back their teammates up on a huge, fat double-headed dildo – and we mean fat! Then out comes the baseball bat in final preparation for the butt-churning delivered by the all-star hands of Serrano and Richards.

Scene Three

The raunch continues as Ruben D’Angelo leads a collared Scott Samson and Rex Armswell into a playroom, bends then over a motorcycle and proceeds to flog both of them beet red. Their backsides are so tender that by the time they’re ready to be fisted, you half expect them to roll over and run offset. Not these big boys. You simply won’t believe your eyes as you watch an enormous 15-inch black strap-on get ramrodded up Rex’s limitless hole! Ruben drives this fat sucker up his reddened ass without mercy while Samson is forced to standby and wait his turn.

Ruben plugs their asses with the strap-on while he continues to flog both men. Next the guys roll over onto all fours and offer their beaten red butts up for a merciless punch-fuck session to the elbow. No, make that TWO elbows! Then, for an encore, the two bottom pigs fist themselves 69-style while Ruben administers more lashings. These boys are pros and deliver one hell of a performance you won’t want to miss!

Scene Four

Kent North returns in Scene Four with Warren Lord, his real-life beefy boyfriend. This dynamic duo from Great Britain jumps right into the action as Warren drops a 12-inch sound right down the piss slit of North. Then Daddy Lord bends over and makes his boy clean his hole with his toilet mouth; but North’s greedy hole needs attention fast. Warren orders his Fuck-Boy to take a number of glass dildos in his “pussy” then pulls out a flashlight to illuminate the inside of his glass-filled hole.

As Warren begins to fist Kent, Tony Serrano stumbles onto the scene and plugs his mouth with his huge Spanish dick. Warren offers his boy’s butt up to Serrano who eagerly steps in to fuck him. Then, in a true coalition of the willing, Lord shoves his hand into the mix, grabbing Serrano’s dick from inside the walls of his asshole!

Standing shoulder to shoulder they continue to work North over before moving him to a sling for some double-handed action. Tony continues to drive his hands deeper into his sloppy hole until Kent’s extra-fat uncut cock erupts onto his chest. The critics are already in agreement: these may well be the hottest men ever caught on a handball video!

Stars: Steve Richards, Mike Vista, Ruben D’Angelo, Rex Armswell, Tony Serrano, Scott Samson, Kent North, Warren Lord, Xavier Vitale, Darien Shaw

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