Hairy Butt Slammin’

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Video: Hairy Butt Slammin'

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Over four hours of big hairy men plunging their big hard cocks deep inside the hungry asses of young studs; and it’s all here just for you! These manly men get off on a stiff pole tickling their tonsils, with a little anal play to get them started! Watch as these studs take and give some intense anal probing until they explode for some of the hottest money shots you’ll ever witness!

Stars: Tanner Reeves, Brett Williams, Drew Andrews, Raul, Sergio Real, Chris Sullivan, Kurt Wagner, Scott Mann, Brandon James, Hank Hightower, Cole Reece, Reed Parker, Jeff Mitchell, Steve Tuck, Chaz Winston, Kyle Richards, Smokey Joe, Jake Thomas, Vicentino Rey

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