Dreams Pipe

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Video: Dreams Pipe

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Dreams’ Pipe follows this hot thugs weekend in NYC as he hooks up with some old favorites and introduces us to some new faces as his penthouse shakes from the action! 4Play sucks down Dreams’ 11″ cock all the way to the root then sticks his ass out for a pounding! Power bottom Dominic takes Dreams’ 11-incher like a pro. Dominic works his way from 4 fingers, 5 fingers, 6 fingers, to dick and fingers at the same time – his ass takes everything Dream can throw at it! Next is a str8-up thug orgy! Shorty J, Kidd Kaj, Slim Thug, Dream and Junior – so much heavy dick, so much moaning, so much sweat, so much cum – it’s a mind-blowing gangsta orgy! 7 Thugs 3 XXX Scenes Including Orgy Scene, Condom Gangsta Fuckin, Ass Eatin, Big Thug Dicks.

Stars: Junior, Dream, 4Play, Dominic (Gay), Slim Thug

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