Dorks 4 Hunks

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Video: Dorks 4 Hunks

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Pornoversal Studios
It’s DORK PORN! Because DORKS need lovin’ too. It’s sexy dorks hooking up with hunky guys

SCENE 1: “Internet Pic Switch ” This dork gets lucky over the internet chattin with a muscle guy. The dork sends fake pics and jock boy falls for it. Jocky comes over to find this super nerdy guy and is like “fuck it I’m horny.”The two flip flop each other.

SCENE 2: ” Dork Boy Fluffer” The dorky director’s assistant scores big when the straight porn actor’s johnson won’t stay hard during a straight shoot. He offers his assistance as a fluffer seems to have no problem keeping straight boy hard.

SCENE 3: “Dork Fucks Escort” Dork harry potter look alike gets bored of jackin off to porn on his computer so he calls an escort over so he can fuck. This dork has a huge cock and knows how to use it.

SCENE 4: “Chinese Delivery” This dork orders chinese food and ends up flip floppin with the muscular Chinese delivery guy!

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