Dangerous Liaisons

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Lucas Entertainment
Lust, betrayal, murder, and deceit all come alive in Michael Lucas’ most anticipated film to date. Michael Lucas’ Dangerous Liaisons, based on Choderlos de Laclos’ 1782 classic Les Liaisons Dangereuses (famously made into an Oscar winning film starring Glenn Close and John Malkovich), is a new modern-day twist on one of literature’s most intriguing tales of wicked revenge and twisted seduction. Instead of 18th Century France, this X-rated version takes place in modern day New York. Featuring appearances from such notable gay superstars as RuPaul, Boy George, Bruce Vilanch, Graham Norton, Lady Bunny, Amanda Lepore, and Michael Musto, Michael Lucas’ Dangerous Liaisons has already become the most talked about porn flick of the year.


Marcus Von Halpern (Michael Lucas), head of one of fashion’s biggest empires, enlists the help of world-renown photographer and notorious player Valentine Moore (Gus Mattox) to seduce his ex-boyfriend’s (Kent Larson) new lover Sebastian Lacroix (Wilfried Knight). Moore agrees on one condition: a night with Marcus as his reward.

Scene One:

Sebastian Lacroix (Lucas Entertainment exclusive Wilfried Knight) receives a call from his modeling agent: he’s booked to shoot with Val Moore, the hottest photographer around. Tom Mercedes (Kent Larson), Lacriox’s boyfriend, warns him about Moore’s reputation: he is not to be trusted. As Lacroix professes his undying loyalty to Mercedes, their passion shows as the first sex scene begins. The hunky duo suck each other and eat each other’s asses before flip-flop fucking. Mercedes pounds Lacroix to a steamy cumshot before jerking himself off.

Scene Two:

The plot thickens as Matt Cody (Owen Hawk) seduces his boss Tom Mercedes (Kent Larson). The two find themselves getting hot and heavy on the company’s boardroom table, where some heavy 69ing is all the rage. Then the cleaning guy (Mario Ortiz) joins in the fun. The threesome take turns pounding each other to the point of orgasm. This scene redefines the word “versatility.”

Scene Three:

Valentine Moore (Gus Mattox) sets up a photo shoot with Sebastian Lacroix (Knight). He uses another hot model (Lucas Entertainment exclusive J.) to seduce his prey and soon the shoot turns into a torrid fuck-fest. Moore and Lacriox take turns working J.’s taut butt when they’re not busy kissing, sucking, or fucking each other. Lacriox is ridden with guilt as Moore snaps his final frame.

Scene Four:

Marcus Von Halpern (Michael Lucas) meets with his ex-lover’s assistant Matt Cody (Owen Hawk) to get the dirt on his former boyfriend… and to get his rocks off. Cody wraps his mouth around Halpern’s hefty member before Halpern flips him over, rips his jeans off (literally), and chows down on Cody’s tight ass. Then Halpern tops Cody in all positions imaginable.

Scene Five:

Bobby, Halpern’s live-in boyfriend (Lucas Entertainment exclusive Bruce Beckham), discovers that Halpern has been cheating on him. To get back at him he seduces Valentine Moore (Gus Mattox). Moore happily obliges, after Halpern refuses to pay back his debt. The two bang to an explosive sploogefest.


This final scene involves one of the most ambitious productions in gay adult entertainment and also all of Manhattan’s downtown glitterati appearing in witty cameos as themselves. Everyone who is anyone is out on the town for the opening night of Moore’s new gallery exhibit. But Moore has one more surprise for his audience. This mind-twisting ending leads to the murder of one of main characters, and is sure to leave you breathless (for so many reasons). You must see it to believe it.

Stars: Mario Ortiz, Kent Larson, Owen Hawk, Gus Mattox, Michael Lucas, Bruce Beckham, Wilfried Knight, J (Lucas Ent)

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