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Video: Cockstalker

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Lucas Entertainment
James Hawk stars in his feature debut as a man trapped in a world of insatiable lust and sexual depravity. An employment opportunity as a casting agent at a porn company drives him to the brink of insanity, aching to taste what was once forbidden. Slowly forced to confront his desire for more and more man meat, James stalks the porn stars around him, all innocent victims in a twisted game of hunter and prey. COCK STALKER features James Hawk, Nick Capra,Tom D., Murphy Maxwell, Ryan Raz, Lars Svenson, Treshawn Valentino, Jackson Wild, Brendon Williams, and Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Ben Andrews in five scenes of extreme ass pounding, deep dick throating, and toe sucking — a thriller you will never forget!

Slender Ryan Raz slinks around on the studio bed, surrounded by big dicked studs Treshawn Valentino and Brendon Williams. They further tempt him by sharing his nipples and fondling his eager hole through his striped briefs. Treshawn stuffs his massive meat down Ryan’s throat, followed by Brendon taking a turn. The three men form a suck-off assembly line with Brendon gobbling at Ryan’s dong while Treshawn tounges Ryan’s hole. Finally, Ryan gets on his knees, allowing Treshawn to continue rimming his perky butt and feed his thick pole into it as well. Brendon’s encouraging dirty talk eggs him on, until the two switch position and Brendon is allow to pound away at Ryan’s slutty ass. Cum explodes all over Ryan’s cute, toned body!

After chewing him out over not ordering enough product, sexy hunk Nick Capra chews at slender German Lars Svenson’s face. Nick forces his fat rod down his partner’s throat, making him deep throat every thick inch. Lars is quickly flipped over on a ladder and has his tight ass stuffed by Nick’s Italian piece. Boxes are then shoved aside and the fuck action continues on top of the company’s latest releases. Nick Capra blows a huge wad over Lars’ face, who then snowballs it back to Nick!

Curious muscled hunk James Hawk wanders into the office bathroom, to find Jackson Wild removing makeup from his latest film shoot. James takes a seat and is quickly serviced orally by Jackson, then turns around to have Jackson lick his bubble ass. James then returns the favor and primes Jackson for an intense ass pounding. After slipping it it, Jackson rides it to a cream finish, then slurps up all of James’ hot cum!

On screen boyfriends Ben Andrews and Tom D. Tom inhales Ben’s famous cock, sucking and slurping the thick dong. Ben returns the favor, and then licks and sucks at Tom’s willing butthole. It’s stretched to the limit by Ben’s dick, but Tom grunts and groans with delight as his ass takes every inch. There’s no position the two don’t fuck in, and Tom squirts a big load all over Ben’s toned body, which he then greedily laps up!

James is able to lure Murphy to the office studio, and he seduces the tattoed twink to deep throat his thick piece. James spreads Murphy’s cheeks wide, then fills his gaping hole with a massive dildo. Murphy’s ass is then stuffed with James’ cock and the two fuck to a creamy finish, messing the bed in the meantime

Stars: Nick Capra, Lars Svenson, Ben Andrews, Tom D, James Hawke, Ryan Raz, Jackson Wild, Murphy Maxwell, Brendon Williams, Treshawn Valentino

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