Boys Of Sen

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Video: Boys Of Sen

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Big Red Curtain Productions
Three fun hot guys playing separately and together, with a quick introduction of the guys first.

Scene 1:

Shane shows off his tight frame as he pleasures himself. He is a little shy at first but that does not stop him from completing the job at hand.

Scene 2:

Matt’s almost perfect body shines as he shows off up close and personal. He makes you want to take over and rub him down from head to toe.

Scene 3:

Sen just loves to show off. He would live his life with his dick hanging out his zipper if he could. And what a DICK it is. This tough guy is not shy about anything.

Scene 4:

Shane is back. This time he is a little more comfortable. He makes sure you can see all sides, including his incredible ass. He takes things slow and easy as he lifts his legs in the air and shows off his virgin side.

Scene 5:

Sen and Matt are together for a little romp on the couch. This is Matt’s first time with a dick in his mouth and he is reluctant however, Sen talks him in to it. Matt sucks like a straight guy but at least he took it. It is not long before Sen is fucking himself on Matt’s pole. It ends with both Matt and Sen dumping their loads on Sen’s chest.

Scene 6:

There is a photo shoot with Sen, Matt, and Shane. It is fun to watch the three straight guys let down their inhibitions and have a good time rubbing oil all over each other’s bodies and posing in very suggestive positions. Very fun to watch.

Stars: Shane, Matt, Sen

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