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Cocksure Men
Cocksure Men exclusive Bo Dean is back, pounding away on top of some of the hottest guys around. First up is Dak Ramsey, and it’s clear from the get-go that these two guys are really into each other. Then Tory Mason orders an Appletini from leather-clad bartender Bo, who proceeds to fill his order in an entirely different way, in front of a bar full of patrons. Then Bo loses a sports bet with Alton Cox, and he has to fuck him in return. To say that Bo is a good loser is putting it mildly. Finally, a locker room boxing accident turns into a hotter than hot three-way with studs Dane Hyde and Brock Heart. First aid takes on a whole new meaning! Cocksure Men exclusive Bo Dean is the site’s most popular model, as he fucks with a passion and intensity rarely seen. Bo is a nominee for Men magazine’s Man of the Year 2009.

Stars: Tory Mason, Dak Ramsey, Bo Dean, Dane Hyde, Alton Cox, Brock Heart

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