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Video: Black & White

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Tim…Tim is a 25 year old white guy with a cute little beard and a smooth muscular body you’ll drool over. This tape starts off with a hot Jerk Off scene as Tim lays in bed. He strokes his cock up to it’s full 7 inches then rolls over and plunges his fingers into his ass until he shoots a big load. Afterwards Tim heads to the bathroom where he strokes himself up in front of the mirror then hits the shower to clean up.

Tiger…Tiger is a 20 year old black guy with one hell of a good body. He’s quiet and shy until his clothes come off and then look out! In the first segment he watches a hot tape of Trevor and copies what happens on screen. Tiger strokes and bumps and grinds until he shoots. In part two we find Tiger all alone in a big warehouse and he’s horny as hell. Watch as he strips off his clothes and beats off to a pulse pounding orgasm.

Tiger & Tim…Tim has just finished his shower. When he comes out of the bathroom what does he find but hunky black stud Tiger, waiting eagerly to ravage his lover’s smooth white body. The two are instantly in each other’s arms, kissing like there’s no tomorrow. What follows is a suck and fuck-festival where Tim gets just what he likes, Tiger’s black cock down his throat and up his tight white ass. Hot interracial sex at its best!

Stars: Tiger, Tim

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