Bay Of Pigs

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Video: Bay Of Pigs

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Dick Wadd
11 hot and horny studs whip out their big drippin’ cocks, rear their asses up, punch it to the elbow, rain torrents and pull out all the stops in this 2-plus hour, non-stop, group and 1-on-1 pigfest. Boots, bondage and foreskin games add a little extra flavor.

Tim Tyler and Mateo Rivera are apprehended by muscle pigs Jackson Reid and JC Carter while stealing their TV. You may spit into the wind, but you don’t fuck with Jackson and JC. Tyler is cuffed and tied to an overhead beam while Rivera is tied to a cross. Both are scared shitless. Tyler and Rivera try Jackson and JC, but quickly get put in their places with knuckles, blat and muscle. Reid and Carter are joined by German stud BIG and his 11-incher in blatting on Tyler and putting that surly little fucker in his place. Carter and BIG then tear up Rivera’s hot hole on a saw horse, fucking and blatting all over him.

BIG and Carter can’t help but notice each other’s big meat and they start a mutual big cock admiration society. Between them, they have almost 20 inches of thick fuck meat. BIG wins the contest and Carter winds up worshipping and being ridden by BIG’s hu-fucking-mongous pole.

Carter throws Tyler a mean fuck in the hot tub while BIG delivers major Blatt to Tyler’s other end. Then Reid and Carter beat and suck off BIG’s 11-inch throbbing monster and they swap-kiss his cum back and forth until it’s gone.

Meanwhile, Aussie Jack and Bob Edwards take turns feeding one another major blatt in a cattle feeding trough. Incredible Bo Knight uses Edwards’s perfect rump, alternately making love to it and pounding it mercilessly with his muscle rod while Mike Hogg and Daxx Reed feed him blatt and boots.

Bud and Reed punch fuck one another’s hot, deep holes while Mike Hogg opens up Aussie Jack’s insatiable hole with his gigantic, hairy paw and some huge Dick Wadd dildos while Bo Knight and Bod Edwards blatt on him. After Bo Knight plays the hottest and most convincing dog since Lassie, a full-scale orgy erupts and so do all the men’s cocks. The cum flies in every direction and down every hungry throat in the room. Then Bob Edwards ties up Aussie Jack’s 3-inch foreskin overhang, has him fill it up with blat, and sucks it down multiple times. Bo Knight, fascinated by Aussie Jack’s overhang, fills up his foreskin with beans until it’s the size of a baseball, then sucks them out.

The action never stops in this big muscle fuck, blat and fist fest.

Stars: Bud, Bo Knight, Jackson Reid, Tim Tyler, Daxx Reed, JC Carter, Bob Edwards, Big, Aussie Jack, Mateo Rivera, Mike Hogg

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