Ass Lick Alley

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Video: Ass Lick Alley

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All Worlds Video
2000 GayVN Video Award Winner: Best Oral Scene (Jason Branch, Blake Harper and Bruce Hill)

Two of the hottest guys in the biz (Branch and Harper) give us not only one of the year’s best scenes, but a full-on sleazefest that had us rewatching it again – in its entirety. It’s safe to say that with this one All Worlds Video and Chi Chi have a big hit on their hands.

In the title alley, more than just ass lickin’ takes place – we also get sucking, fucking, jerking, and whole lots more with hot, masculine men. Director LaRue wastes no time in getting things started – already there’s a butch fellow just waitin’ for his first trick in the alley. He doesn’t wait long. A hot face-fuck is the scene’s highlight, as one guy just keeps his head still while the other batters away.

By the time they’re fucking – loudly – neighborhood voyeurs (and, of course, intended alley patrons) have gathered about, kneading themselves in anticipation. A hot as shit threeway comes out of this gathering, with a double ass-eating among the highlights.

Going on about all of the video’s action is redundant – it’s plentiful, in a variety of combinations (from one person to double-digit orgies) and ends in hot cum shots across asses, faces, even near a mouth or two, and anywhere else in sight. And the men come uncut, clean-cut, ripped, hairy, smooth and pierced. Let’s hope that no straight folks stumble upon this alley!

Stars: Michael Vista, Bruce Hill, Jason Branch, Blake Harper, Tanner Hayes, Austin Masters, Sam Carson, Nicholas Clay, Paul Dawson, David Bradley, Kris Wolff, Matt West, Tom Matthews, Nick Moore, Billy Sax

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