9th Warrior Gladiators Night

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Video: 9th Warrior Gladiators Night

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The legendary Jan Dvorak (Pavel Novotny) brings his sizzling good looks, beautiful dick, and worked out body to a starring role in 9th Warrior Gladiators Night, an erotic look into the lives of an Eastern European wrestling team. You won’t mind the dialogue is in Czech with no subtitles because the message is loud and clear. The cast’s chiseled good looks, bright eyes, hearty laughter, and body worship of each other and the full, thick, uncut hard-ons they sport let you know right off that these guys want to have fun and lots of it. Dvorak is the captain of the wrestling team and first leads his buddies in a group grope. Roman Dvorak pins his partner, Radek Kucharik, to the mat and rips off his blue shorts. With Kucharik lying “helplessly” on the mat, Dvorak takes full advantage of the situation and gently licks Kucharik’s pucker and slowly opens him up to an erotic finger fuck. Don’t miss the scene where Dvorak straddles Kucharik and spurts his load all over Kucharik’s face and neck. If only every day at the gym was just like this. Yum!

Stars: Vilem Cage, Jan Dvorak, Lukas Arthur, Roman Dvorak, Alan Csorba, Lucas Pehr, Lucas Roubicek, Radek Kucharik, Pavel Mikulik, Pavel Novotny

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