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Video: Wrestling 2

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Bijou Classics
This Tony Prince-directed sequel to the popular Wrestling 1 (V0136) reunites legendary blond power bottom Chris Burns and ski jump-dicked Steve York, this time in a four-way smackdown/fuck’n’suck with beefcakes Mike Kelly (a.k.a. Noel Kemp, Eric Stryker) and Tony LaVarga.

Tony and Mike are shown working out for a considerably long time while Chris and Steve wrestle in the other room. Mike and Tony start out in their sweats and then strip to underwear as they work up a sweat. Both Mike, a brunet hunk-next-door, and mustached Tony are considerably beefier than the two porn vets.

Live synced audio captures the sounds of Chris and Steve grunting, slapping, and slam-dunking one another’s bodies on the mats. Tony and Mike join the duo for four-way wrestling. All four strip naked and wrestle in the nude. As with the first installment in the series, Prince directs his models to wrestle for real – no pretend, roll-on-the-mat foreplay bullshit here.

Eventually though, the struggling gives way to slobbering, as a 69 four-way ensues. Larger-than-life close-ups capture a four-man oral daisy chain. Chris later goes off with Tony and sucks his cock while Tony flexes his impressive torso in front of a mirror. Steve, meanwhile, plunges Mike’s ass with his footlong rod doggie style on a weight bench. Both duos are then shown side-by-side on weight benches, fucking ass in unison. Each man shoots a big orgasm at sex’s end.

Tony Prince once again delivers long sequences of real, honest-to-goodness wrestling, a cast of hot and horny men, and plenty of well-shot footage beautiful bodies in motion, both athletically and sexually. Includes a slideshow sequence of still captures at the end of the feature.

Bonus sex scene: Italian hottie Tony Prince and muscleman Brad Medford take turns admiring one another’s “Tanlines.”

Stars: Chris Burns, Eric Stryker, Steve York, Tony Prince, Tony LaVarga, Brad Medford

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