Underground Wrestle Club

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Video: Underground Wrestle Club

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Scene 1:

When Jon and Alexander turn up to their wrestling club early, there’s nothing else to do but wrestle. It’s not long before Jon Janes, their trainer, catches them practicing out of hours. Though Jon Janes doesn’t get involved he does give them verbal abuse. After Janes has left Jon and Alexander, they quickly strip off and get down to the good stuff. Hot action guaranteed.

Scene 2:

Class is in full session. Jon Janes introduces the new guys to the class and has them wrestle. Both young Damian Duke and Max Duval are hot looking with great bodies, the rest of the class watch in awe as the new lad’s show of their wrestling skills.

Scene 3:

Hector Pole and Dodo Guy step up next. Hector has a great wrestling body, but is slightly out powered by Dodo Guy.

Scene 4:

Jon Janes finally shows the class that he is the one to beat. Jon totally dominates Mikale Bradshaw in this match. Mikale fights hard, but time after time he is simply out-matched. Jon Janes rules this match.

Scene 5:

Time for the young lads to see who’s a man, and who’s not. CJ Jack’s and Paul Shayne are both young lads with great bodies and loads of energy.

Scene 6:

Jon Janes looks at his class while stroking his hard cock, he chooses Damian Duke as the lucky lad to suck him off in front of everyone else. It’s not long before Jon’s hard cock is deep in Damian’s arse, and still the rest of the class looks on. Not only both Jon Janes know how to wrestle he knows how to fuck arse. After both Damian and Jon have finished fucking the rest of the lads decide to drag young CJ Jacks into the middle of the mats so they can have a piece of the action. Everyone who is left cum’s other CJ’s chest, bukkake style, including CJ himself.

Stars: Jon Janes, Alexander Petrov, Mikale Bradshaw, Paul Shayne, Max Duval, Damian Duke, Hector Pole, C.J. Jacks, Jon Jones, Dodo Guy

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