Todd And Mandy’s Mayhem And Madness Show #6

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Video: Todd And Mandy's Mayhem And Madness Show #6

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Mayhem North
Shemale entertainer Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck run Goodhandy’s, an alternative club in downtown Toronto. Mandy hosts an internet porn show in front of a live audience every week. Sometimes the boys wrestle, sometimes the audience participates, and always a handful of boys go upstairs to the private studio and jerk off, such each other off and even fuck each other sometimes. The audience watches live on a big-screen in the club. ”TODD AND MANDY’S MAYHEM AND MADNESS SHOW” is like a reality show shot in Goodhandy’s. The camera is seldom turned off, Mandy banters with the audience, and the boys are always real and hot. During the sex shoot the boys are somewhat conscious of the audience, but the fact that the live audience does not hear audio makes the dialogue in the private studio between the boys extra fascinating – fans of the hustler / porn guy psyche will be pleased.
Stage show:
This is one of the funnier episodes on the Goodhandy’s stage. It runs about 50 minutes, and stars Mandy Goodhandy, as well as 8 Mayhem North video models (Marian, Val, Lars, Malek, Chuck, TroyBoy, Mitch, and Skyler). Most of the boys wrestle, and end up naked. TroyBoy, a cute Hamilton area twink-ish bisexual boy brought in Marian, a muscular guy that he picked up one night at a Hamilton bathhouse. TroyBoy can’t keep his hands off Marian on stage, the chemistry is fascinating. Lars, a straight escort for women, also appears in the wrestling match, this is clearly the first time he’s been on stage in front of a gay audience, and his discomfort is hot.
TroyBoy wanted to have some fun with Marian. We are barely in the studio when TroyBoy is making out with Marian. Marian’s cock is rock hard from the minute he takes his underwear off. Lars is invited to be in the scene, but he misunderstood Mandy – he thought it was going to be a “solo” scene, when really it was going to be HIM solo, but in a room with 2 other guys. Mandy clearly explained it to him, I heard, but Lars almost chickens out and leaves. We assure him that he does not have to touch the other boys, or even look at them, and finally he relaxes and stands in the corner and plays with himself while TroyBoy and Marian suck each other off and kiss and fondle and have fun. In the end, Lars shoots his load pretty far, and Marian shoots as well. TroyBoy had too much to drink, so he doesn’t cum.
Ronaldo Solo:
Ronaldo is a Brazilian kid who came into Goodhandy’s one week for a solo jerk off video. He was all bundled up in layers of clothes, a hat, a hoodie, etc, and we didn’t realize what a beautiful body he had underneath it. The audience members were riveted to the big screen during his audition, even though he is one of those soft-spoken, passive guys who also takes a fairly long time to get hard and cum. He has one of those massive cocks with an excessive amount of foreskin, and an incredible muscular body.
Lars Solo:
Lars is a fascinating guy. During his solo video, shot by Mandy, you will learn a lot about him, and then when I take over and shoot his shower scene, you will learn even more. He describes his extra curricular activities as a male escort for women, which I find totally fascinating. He is actually the first male gigolo for ladies that I have ever met.

Stars: Chuck, Mitch, Marian, Val, Skyler, Lars, Malek, TroyBoy

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