Todd And Mandy’s Mayhem And Madness Show #3

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Video: Todd And Mandy's Mayhem And Madness Show #3

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Mayhem North
Shemale entertainer Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck run Goodhandy’s, an alternative club in downtown Toronto. Mandy hosts an internet porn show in front of a live audience every week. Sometimes the boys wrestle, sometimes the audience participates, and always a handful of boys go upstairs to the private studio and jerk off, such each other off and even fuck each other sometimes. The audience watches live on a big-screen in the club. ”TODD AND MANDY’S MAYHEM AND MADNESS SHOW” is like a reality show shot in Goodhandy’s. The camera is seldom turned off, Mandy banters with the audience, and the boys are always real and hot. During the sex shoot the boys are somewhat conscious of the audience, but the fact that the live audience does not hear audio makes the dialogue in the private studio between the boys extra fascinating – fans of the hustler / porn guy psyche will be pleased.
Scene 1: This week’s stage show is one of the funniest yet. Several of bartender Fausto’s high school friends turned out to be gay, and are celebrating one of their birthdays at Goodhandy’s for the first time. Mandy centers them out, and one of them ends up on stage cutting holes in the boys’ underwear. There are 8 boys in total seen in the stage show.
Upstairs: After the stage show, Mandy brings 6 of the boys upstairs for a 6 boy line-up jerk off video. This is the first time we have had 6 guys on the platform, and it doesn’t look like they will all fit, so I say ”those who want to be cum on, lie down” and Skyler drops to the platform in a flash.
Mario is one of the most beautiful new models we have met lately, so Mandy had him stick around for a shower scene after jerking off.
James: James is an incredibly hot straight guy with red pubes and freckles, and a cock that is hard for the entire shoot.
Carlitos: Carlitos is a beautiful Salvadorian guy with a nice uncut cock, who jerks off for Mandy!

Stars: Mario, James, Carlito, Todd Klinck, Mandy Goodhandy (TVTS)

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