The Scent of the Jockstrap film 1

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Video: The Scent of the Jockstrap film 1

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The Body Shoppe
So…stud “meat” running around in sweaty “jockstraps” turns you on? Well…you know the look and type…horny and looking for hot mouth action. After a sweaty workout – be careful! “A stiff cock has no conscience!”

Cory: “I’ve never let a guy suck my cock. I may let the “Mask” have a go of it!

Ra: “If the secret police find out I did this they would kill me! Next week I train with the FBI in Quantico!”

Speedy and West: “You’re my straight buddy and you want to fuck me in the ass?” “I’ve never been screwed before!”

Stars: Pee Wee, West, Speedy, Rod, Shimir, Cory, Ra

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