The Big Swell

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Video: The Big Swell

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Boyride Films
Starring reality star Martin Richie as York Hubbard!

The Big Swell – Scene 1

During one hot summer surf studs Jake and Cress retreat back to their hotel for a quick releasing of tension. By the time the cameras join them the guys are already pumping away with Jake plowing his massive 12″ tool deep inside his buddies willing ass. The guys fuck every which way in the bathroom until neither can stand it any longer. Cress dumps a load on his belly with Jake’s meat still inside him. After Jake releives himself on his buddies face leaving a trail of surfer jiz to be lapped up.

Scene 2

Next we find Dempsey Stearns and Daxx prowling Venice Beach, killing time until the waves improve. They sneak away to a back alley where they make out before retreating to Dempsy’s pad. Once alone the guys both worship each other’s stiff dicks in a hot sixty-nine session. Soon Dempsy’s tongue is probing his buddies asshole, priming it for a furious drilling. Daxx rides cock like no other and both guys spray jizz all over Dempsy’s chest.

Scene 3

Daxx and Torren hit the showers after the beach. Torren takes a piss while his buddy is rinsing off scalding his backside. Daxx gets his revenge by pulling off his friend’s shorts and sucking his dick. The two go at it orally before taking turns flip-flop fucking one another. Each guy takes the others tool up their tight asses before blowing loads on eachother. One round of cum isn’t enough for these two as they both double nut.

Scene 4

Nothing like getting head by your best bud while taking a shower. Our cameras discover Kyler Lachlan and DiSalvo in the middle of the action as each take turns gobbling of the other stiff wood. DiSolvo’s dick is rock hard the hole way through looking like it’s going to blow any minute. When it finally does, he spills a nice watery stream of spunk all over Kyler’s stomach which turns his buddy on so much that he immediately spurts.

Scene 5

Dempsey Stearns is back, this time with his buddy Kye. The two are taking a well needed nap after surfing and while waking up, start making out. Before long both are naked and playing with each other’s stiff cocks. Kye slurps on Dempsy’s cock then gets rimmed in return. Once his ass is nice and wet, Kye sits down on Depsy’s pole and gets power fucked in several different positions. The two are noisy fuck-beasts and before long are shooting streams of jiz in every direction.

Scene 6

Two tattooeed studs, York and Tristan Matthews, are kicking back at the end of the day. They make out before Tristan decides to work his mouth over his buddies bulge under his jeans. Once naked Tristan leads the way, slobbering over York’s thick cock while playing with an asshole waiting to be explored. York gets bent over the chair and received a killer rimjob before getting pounded by his friend’s thick rod. Both blow juicy loads over York in the end and both are covered in sweat.

Bonus Footage

Stars: Dempsey Stearns, Kye Malloy, DiSalvo Hicks, Cress Anderson, Torren Hiller, Jake Biggs, York Hubbard, Kyler Laughlan, Daxx Burk, Tristin Mathews

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