Szolon’s Fort

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Video: Szolon's Fort

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William Higgins Productions
And so, Dominik and Babika, our two daredevil backpacker friends, journey on in their search for new rousing, erotic adventures. Until their wanderlust leads one day leads them to the mystical and mysterious castle of Szolon. Szolon welcomes the handsome youths into his enchanting mediaeval Hostee Lust. The young men are quickly introduced to new sensual pleasures as they perform their sexual fantasies together. As the guy writhe in carnal ecstasy, their young, firm, oiled naked bodies beckon us to join them. Welcome to Castle Lust.

Stars: Dominik, Svens Torborg, Lukas Vaculik, Hynek Lukas, Szolon, Dan Dessera, Rudy Strong, Jirka Cap

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