Surfers Going Down

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Video: Surfers Going Down

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Point Break Studios
Scene One

After Blake Logan spends a day at the beach checking out all the hot bodies in bikinis, he has to get some immediate relief. Watch this hot surfer getting off to a whole new level.

Scene Two

Johnny Cannon has been hanging around surfer Andy Blue…watch as straight surfer Johnny get his first taste of what surfers do when their girlfriends are not around.

Scene Three

Rex Roddick gets ready to head to the beach. Before leaving, he watches the movie his girlfriend made before she left and before you know it, he explodes all over himself.

Scene Four

Johnny Cannon gets an offer from surf stud Blake Logan that he could not refuse! As they go at it, Stewart Wellington walks in on them and figures what the FUCK, he wants a piece of these straight surfers.

Scene Five

Chris Steel gets home from the beach and starts making his lunch. His girlfriend calls and the talk turns to the last them they were together. Before you know it this powerful stud is on the floor bringing himself to a climatic end.

Scene Six

Tommy Mann is heading out for a surf session. Blake Logan decides it’s time to break him in to the real life of “straight surfers”; watch as these 2 guys end up on the floor, giving new meaning to the term “surfing the big one!”.

Stars: Chris Steele, Andy Blue, Stewart Wellington, Blake Logan, Rex Roddick, Johnny Cannon, Tommy Mann

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