Straight Mountain Boys 2

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Video: Straight Mountain Boys 2

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Pat and Sam
A hot Marine in uniform. A fuzzy big dicked stud boy. A humpy straight stud with a big fatty, and Jason blows just looking at my dick. Austin fucks the hell out of cute young Lenny.

Larry’s 1st Session…
Larry is so fresh and sexy that you’ve just GOT to see him to believe him! He was very shy, and I had to talk to him for a long time before he would agree to be filmed. But, once he did, he pulled out this monster cock!

His hairy chest and hard body are extra fine, and he’s a very horny boy. He’s another skateboarder/snowboarder and he was very hot. He says he’s only tried gay sex once and didn’t like it. But, I don’t know. I think if I tried just a little harder he would probably do something. He said he wants to come back for more, so we’ll see.

Troy’s 1st Session…
This is my new friend Troy… I think he is going to be one of my favorites! He is one of the best guys I have ever filmed! His cock is so sweet and he has such a foxy smile. He talked the whole time about what he likes to do and he’s very descriptive.

He shows off his FINE ass and I wanted to stuff my tongue up his hole SO BAD! I can’t even describe to you how cute this guy is. He absolutely oozes sex! These pictures can’t show how he holds himself or what his voice sounds like. You just HAVE to see the video. I get a hard on every time I watch it!

Jason’s 1st Session…
He is so adorable and very young, although he is 19 years old, he does appear a lot younger, might be because he is also very timid standing 5’9″ and weighing 150 lbs. And just look at that cock! He got me so turned on that I pulled out my cock. He just stared and stared! That got him so excited that he squirted immediately! What is it about my cock that makes these boys light up so much?

Austin’s 3rd Session…
This is Austin’s third video. He just keeps getting bigger muscles! In this video he has on a white tank top (for a little while) and some very sexy boxers. His cock is rock hard all the way through it! He almost cums right away, but he holds himself back and then goes on for quite a while.

He is such a fucking stud! He pulls his cock out through a hole in his boxers and jacks off for a while that way. Then he gets completely naked and shoots a big wad all over his rock hard stomach. I can’t show his face on the internet because he doesn’t want his wife or his boss to find out he is doing this. However the video shows everything!
Brian’s 3rd Session…
Brian in our in house! Exclusive Marine stud boy that just loves to give hot shows for the video camera. He has done several videos for us now. This is his third. His first two are very popular and it seems no one can get enough of his fantastic cock, perfect body, and enchanting smile.

I know I sure can’t! Pat was equally smitten by Brian’s good looks and he filmed this video. Brian had just gotten home from a trip for the Marines, and he is supposed to travel in his dress Blues. When he walked in the door Pat popped on some porno and Brian popped a boner! He is absolutely straight, but that’s ok. He is very proud of his body and his dick and he wants to share it with anyone who wants to look. He is also very proud of being a Marine and he likes showing off his uniform. He talks about how turned-on all the people who work for the airlines are. I’m sure he turns lots of heads when he walks through any airport.

Austin & Lenny…
This is one long hot and nasty sextravaganza with two fresh and cute guys who really get into each other. Austin saw Lenny on video fucking himself with that blue butt plug, and he lusted after him instantly. Lenny also popped a boner the minute he saw Austin’s picture.

I had a feeling they would look good together on film, and I was right! I got these two horny studs hooked up together. They took one look at each other and the clothes just came flying off! Lenny gave Austin a nice blow job in the living room… …and then they got into some hot 69 action on the bed. Austin seemed preoccupied with Lenny’s ass. And he sure didn’t waste any time shoving his HARD pud right up Lenny’s itchy boy butt. As you can see, Lenny quite enjoyed having Austin’s dong planted in his hole. ALL the way in!!! Austin then flipped Lenny over and proceeded to ride him for all he was worth! Lenny took Austin’s relentless hammering like a real pro! Until finally Austin pulled out and shot a big load all over Lenny’s quivering belly! Lenny soon followed suit with his own wad of ball juice.

Stars: Cody Alexander, Jason (Pat and Sam), Larry (Pat and Sam), Lenny (Pat and Sam), Troy (Pat and Sam)

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