Sport Spank! – Tennis Tantrum / Soccer Spank

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Video: Sport Spank! - Tennis Tantrum / Soccer Spank

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Man’s Hand Films
Tennis Tantrum
This tennis star wannabe is really too big for his britches, which happen to be skin-tight white shorts. His new manager, however, is just the man to put him in his place. While on a road trip, David rudely harasses the hotel staff about room service. When Austin hears about this, he goes straight to the boy’s room to slap some manners into him. His potent hand makes the tennis player squirm as he gets spanked on his shorts, briefs and bare butt. The manager even lands a few swats with the kid’s own tennis shoe!
Soccer Spank
These two team mates love horsing around on the field and in the locker room. Coach Jones, however, will have none of this! When he catches the boys swatting each other, they are quickly up-ended and thoroughly blistered on their grey uniforms, white compression shorts, and finally on their bare butts. When they try to pull off yet another prank, the Coach has the boys strip naked while he retrieves his fraternity paddle to drive the lesson home, leaving the young soccer players SOOOORE!!!

Stars: Franco, Austin Black, Billy Boy, Marcus Allen, David Pferde

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