Signature Series: Cory

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Video: Signature Series: Cory

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Gemini Studios
This is one hot kid. He has an engaging smile, is cute as hell and hung like a horse. That’s appropriate because he’s a jockey! He’s older than he looks (28!) and he’s pretty up for anything sexually. Of course his work with Gemini Studios expanded his horizons and his butt hole!

Scene 1:
In the studio I walk Cory through some costume work to get him relaxed and to see what fantasy scenes he’d be good in. He’s pretty hot any way I set him up and I can’t wait to get to the good part! Bet you can’t either! When he strips, I am amazed at the size of this kid’s cock! He’s huge! He poses casually nude and you see him from all angles. He even starts to get hard just from being naked! What a good sign! He looks so hot bending over and again I am surprise at how big his balls are, and how low they hang! And talk about a pretty ass hole! This is one of the best! Some more costumes always ending with his ass being spread, and we are ready to get him bed! Talk about a fantasy! He strips he shorts off over his legs and puts on one fine butt show: legs up, on his stomach, on his knees; how would you want to fuck this prime example of masculine meat?

He looks so good with his legs in the air; I almost jump him then and there! But all in good time, my friends, we’ve got a video to make! After his butt show, Cory starts to play with his nipples and armpit before he works his way down to his mega-cock and balls. He seems to enjoy his whole body and I sure a enjoying watching him! He jacks his dick slowly and man is it huge and thick! I almost expect him to pass out from loss of blood to his brain! He shoots a thick white load all over his smooth belly and we call is a day.

Scene 2:
Now he’s shirtless in black jeans with his hard dick sticking out. It’s standing at attention and man, does it command attention! He relaxes as the camera lovingly pans his body in tight close ups that let you feel close enough to lick hot skin! And then there are great ass shots and some are mouth-wateringly close! Guys, get your tongues ready! Cory changes into a jock strap for some fetish shots flexing and posing. And of course spreading! He tries on the nipple clamps and you won’t believe the size of the pouch on the jock when his cock fills it!

He gets comfortable and as his dick is rock hard, I get him to hold it up for the camera. Now where did I put that wide-angle lens! Getting his legs in the air, he starts fingering his ass and soon his he small butt plug shoved all the way in. He flips over and fucks the bed with the plug deep in his butt. His dick is hard and he goes on and fucks his butt with the small vibrator and I help him out a bit. Tough job, but somebody’s got to do it! He flips over and looks hot with the vibrator shove into his spread ass! And again I help him out. The vibrator is replaced with the zucchini and he jacks his hard dick as the not so small green vegetable fucks his tight ass. He gets the zucchini in deep enough for it to stay without holding it. And his cock is so hard it might break off! He jacks his dick fiercely and shoots all over his hand and belly while being fucked with zucchini. His orgasm is intense and his satisfaction complete. After a few moments to cool down, he stands up and talks about what he has just experienced. Then he pops the zucchini out of his ass and shows it to you.

In the shower, Cory scrubs his hot body as we talk over plans. You are a casual observer as this hot man nonchalantly soaps his sexy form and works his fingers into every nook and cranny. He is blissfully unaware he’s being watched!! Normally I don’t let the guy’s use a washcloth as it covers up too much of their body, but this kid can do whatever he wants. I’m hooked and when you see him bending over the sink to spread his ass for you, I think you will be hooked, too!

Scene 3:
Cory has agreed to go all the way. First he sucks dick. He looks into the camera with those deep blue eyes and gives it his all. He’s pretty good at it, too, for a first timer. He sucks cock, tongues it and licks nuts before getting fucked on his side. For a smashing finale, Cory sits on my cock and rides it. He even shoots his load while riding the dick! Damn, I love this kid!

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