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Video: Sexy Surfers

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Surfside Studios
Fans of Rick Warner’s Surfside Studios will be pleased to hear that after being on sabbatical for the last two years, that he is back, and with a Vengeance! While being in South Florida, he was able to add the hot steamy Latin look to his usual California surfer boy lineup of models. This combination in this first X-rated solo effort in several years, gave a great new addition in the Surfside tradition of fresh new talent and hot steamy action. In fact, ”Sexy Surfers” was nominated by the GVN for Best Solo Of The Year, and upon viewing, you can see why. Warner combines his funny wit and humor to his model questions, and gets his models to relax and be themselves in a way we rarely see.

Jarett Foxx:

First, we meet Jarett Foxx, a lanky lean 20ish curly haired surfer blonde with a Huge Tool! Warner skillfully teases us with some great opening footage of the lad, then goes into an informative and fun interview. Fox is overcome with passion and really gets into working up his huge 9” tool, and releases a great load for all to see.

Surfer Josh:

Then we meet long, blonde haired, surfer Josh from Key West. Josh is a free spirit, that so many of us have dreams about being. His young tanned and toned body and great looks will temp you. Warner opens with a fun interview that gives a nice insight to this not typical surfer. Warner also shows us a rare, behind the scenes look at an actual studio photo shooting session before Josh releases his manhood on the studio back drop in an explosive manor!

Dancer Ricky:

Hot, sexy, Cuban dancer Ricky is up next. We met Ricky dancing at one of the local strip clubs in Ft. Lauderdale. Ricky ”claims” to be bi, but I think he is mild to wild and anything goes with the right person…so often the case! Typical dancer, he takes a little dance around the pool, then strips down to some hot underwear. Yum! Then all the clothes come off to reveal that hot, toned and tanned Latin body! Wow! You will like this one. Typical swimmers body, not too big, but oh dear…and does this boy know how to work it, as he dances us into the house where we put him back in cloths and make him strip again for us! It’s a double treat! You won’t mind watching again as he strips off his tight jeans and shows his very nice Latin tool. This he skillfully works up to shoot a great cum load you won’t forget!

Damian Ryce/Jay:

Big-dicked Damian is a tall lanky lean smooth boyish young man we discovered in Ft. Lauderdale. A former dancer he confessed to us that he loves to tease and have sex with older men. He jokes about how he likes to fuck guys in the ass with his huge tool. He takes great pride in showing off that big tool to us! He has a boyish charm, naughty, evil smile and giggle certain to get your attention. He moves from the bedroom to outdoors by the pool. At the pool area he gives us a further look at his big cock. He works it up and shoots a nice load that is sure to satisfy…

Surfer Keith:

Surfer Keith was one of the rare ones. He had a good job as an auto mechanic, drove a nice car and owned his own town house! Not to mention he’s easy on the eyes. He was with us not because he needed the money. Rather he just likes good SEX! His interview here was his first time in front of cameras for anyone, he tells us. His is a true boyish charm rarely seen! We learn of his underwear fetish and how he has always had this ”problem.” He does a great job of filling out his Calvin’s as well. Sporting a nice package he tells us more about his life, fantasies and life in general. It’s a great interview that’s not only steamy but fun. After all, Surfer Keith is a fun boy. He then moves into the shower where our cameras catch him at his best! Naked and wet, he soaps up, smiles into the camera as if to say, ”I know what you want.” After toweling off it’s back to the bedroom to show us his hot ass, which went from, ”no one touches that,” to ”Rick, I think I like to bottom now,” and with a hot ass like his, why not! He shoots a great load and tells us he will be back for more! Frankly, we can’t wait. Enjoy this one, he is a winner.

Stars: Joshua, Ricky, Jarret Fox, Damian Ryce, Surfer Keith

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