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Video: School Chums

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Campus life in the new millennium is a whole new ball game for everyone. Sex and sexuality is open, fresh and exciting. The inhibitions of the past are gone, and that opens the doors to new levels of eroticism. Check out what happens on campus with Tristan Michaels, the drop dead gorgeous new find here at Customboys, who plays a flirtatious young college stud with some incredible experiences to share between classes!
Tristan is truly the college student of the future. He does his schoolwork, cruising and getting off via the Internet. First he runs into his best friend, Robby Taylor, surfing the Net. Robby confides in his best friend that he is exploding with hormones and has always had the hots for Tristan. Tristan invites him to take a shower with him and then screws the living daylight out of his buddy. But college has so much more to offer than just a hot shower with your best buddy.

Stars: Sean Storm, Tristan Michaels, Laszlo Kastar, Robby Taylor, Miles Andrew, Marty Katan, Skor Michaels

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