Playing With The Coach’s Balls

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Video: Playing With The Coach's Balls

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Frenesi Films
In PLAYING WITH THE COACH’S BALLS, soccer’s the name but sex is the game! First, Coach Mauro Ramos directs player Eduardo Galisteu to show new player Franco de Castro where the locker room is. Once they get there, Eduardo initiates Franco into the team by bottoming for him. Next, the coach gives everyone a break leaving Beto Ribeiro to top Pablo Picaco inside the goal on the empty court. The Coach happens by and, seeing what’s going on, turns a blind eye but subconsciously takes mental notes for later. The players, meanwhile, are taking a communal bath together, then finish and exit, leaving Ricardo Brandao to top Robson Meneses on the deck. Then, Pablo Picaco returns to join in a 3-way in the shower room with Marcio Rosa and Guilherme Schuck. Finally, Coach Mauro has a daydream featuring his team practicing in the raw and then him topping Eduardo Galisteu on the bench!

Stars: Pablo Picaco, Ricardo Brandao, Marcio Rosa, Franco de Castro, Eduardo Galisteu, Guilherme Schuck, Beto Riberio, Robson Menezes, Mauro Ramos

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