P.E. – Physical Education

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Video: P.E. - Physical Education

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In Physical Education, guys graduate from the college of carnal knowledge! First, J.T. Sloan spots Tanner Reeves in the school gymnasium weight room. Cutter West shows up and the three muscular jocks pump iron together, leading to a 3-way sandwich with Cutter topping J.T. while J.T. tops Tanner! Next, blond Curt Steele tops blond Bo King in an empty classroom, then J.T. Sloan returns to bottom for Ty Russell on the locker room massage table. Next to last, Jeff Dillon tops Daniel Hill, and for a bonus fifth scene, Alec Powers tops Tanner Reeves as a fraternity initiation rite! Physical Education was never like this!

Stars: J.T. Sloan, Tanner Reeves, Ty Russell, Alec Powers, Cutter West, Curt Steele, Bo King, Jeff Dillon, Daniel Hill

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