Mayhem Men #10 – Boys With Toys

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Video: Mayhem Men #10 - Boys With Toys

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Mayhem North
Mayhem Men #10 contains 6 scenes featuring hot guys with dildos. Some of the scenes were shot at our strip club ”the Lounge”, in Mississauga, Canada, and others were shot in our studio. In a couple cases, the camera person offers ”the real thing” to the model, to help them out. In all cases, the scene ends in an orgasm. Enjoy! Todd Klinck, Producer, Mayhem North.
Clark: Clark, (also appeared in Mayhem Men #7: Cyber Boys Jerk Off, Nude Male Model Search 2004 #2, and Mayhem Virgin Sex #1: Clark Gets Fucked), uses two dildos in this scene. Clark and I always had a bit of chemistry, so I suspected that when he phoned to ask if he could come do a video that I would also be getting my dick sucked, and I was right. After he cums, I’m not close enough to coming, so I let him get showered off and leave. Later that evening, I set up the camera on a tripod and play the video of Clark cumming on my computer screen, and shoot my load into my hand. I then rub it all over my cock.
Mitch: Mitch (also appeared in Mayhem Men #5: Lounge Strippers Jerk Off, and Nude Male Model Search 2004 #1) is one of our ”original” Lounge Strippers. This gruff guy who describes himself as ”straight with a twist” has an amazing ass and has always known how to show it off. He’s always been easy-going, but I didn’t know how he would respond to my question ”Hey Mitch, how about doing a dildo?” To my surprise, without missing a beat, he said ”Yeah, OK, whatever.”
Marshall: Marshall (also appeared in Mayhem Men #4: Cyber Boys Jerk Off, Mandy Goodhandy Licks the Lounge #1: Tryouts, and Mayhem Virgin Sex #2: Marshall Gets Fucked) was one of our most popular cyber-sex performers. He was known for his dildo shows, and not only did he use a dildo, he had a tendency to cum, rub his cum all over the toy, and then shove it back up his ass and continue fucking himself. I asked him to re-create one of his cyber-sex dildo shows, and he did not let me down.
Thorn: This is Mandy’s first time filming a dildo video, and she approaches it with fascination. Thorn is a straight guy who learned that he liked things up his ass when his girlfriend fingered him a couple years ago. He brings his own 14-inch dildo, and inserts it ALL THE WAY, until it disappears entirely inside him.
Bam-Bam: Bam-Bam (also appeared in Mayhem Men #5: Lounge Strippers Jerk Off, Nude Male Model Search 2004 #1, Nude Male Model Search #2, and Mandy Goodhandy Licks the Lounge #1: Tryouts) tries to fool us first by just rubbing the dildo outside his ass. This is the only video I seriously edited, because it is tedious and frustrating, and kind of amusing. You can practically feel Mandy working up a sweat trying to get Bam-Bam in all sorts of positions, until she finally says ”Get down on the floor, ass in the air”, and shoves the toy in all the way herself. Once it is finally in, Bam-Bam does fuck himself with the toy for a good five minutes, and then shoots his load.
Marko: I have saved the best for last. Marko, a professional athlete from Eastern Europe, appeared one night to do a jerk-off video. He returned at midnight to do a toy video. This boy has a perfect ass and body, and the enthusiasm he has for sex in general is so evident. There is a BIG surprise in this scene, I will only hint at it – ”sometimes the real thing is better….” Watch and see…

Stars: Clark, Marshall, Thorn, Mitch, Marko, Bam-Bam

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