Lust & Betrayal

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Video: Lust & Betrayal

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In LUST & BETRAYAL, hunky Mauricio leaves his small village in the hills of Tuscany, but promises to send for his lover, the equally hunky Paolo, as soon as he is settled in London. However he puts Paolo off prompting Paolo to write asking if he has been forgotten about back home. Palol pines for his lover and reminisces about the good times they had. Paolo is walking one day through the countryside as two friends Luciano and Luigi taunt him as they pass, looking for a place to have sex. The action turns indoors where Luciano fucks Luigi in an abandoned house. Some time later, Antonio the village hunk wanks off in a hayloft where Luciano and Luigi watch in secret. Meanwhile, in London Mauricio is seduced by his boss, Steve Masters, and ends up getting fucked on a pool table whilst working on a gay porn video. Later on, Paolo recalls a wild orgy with Mauricio and their friends. Finally, Paolo arrives in London to find Mauricio wanking off on a movie set after Thomas Richer, Tony Romero, Chip, Bastian, Lupo, Ed Miller and Tyrone take their turns. Mauricio suddenly professes his love for Paolo and that he would follow him back to Italy if he’ll still have him! The End!

Stars: Bailey, Igor, Bastian, Tyrone, Chip, Ed Miller, Simon Brit, Daniele, Gavin Keen, Jeremy Sweet, Steve Masters, Thomas Richer, Tony Romero, Lupo, Tim Vincent

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