Joe Oppedisano’s "Knockout!"

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Video: Joe Oppedisano's "Knockout!"

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Knockout! takes you inside the ring with Joe Oppedisano as he photographs every high impact sexually charged move of perfectly sculpted MMA fighters, street fighters, and the toughest athletes. Incredibly masculine men bare their sweaty flesh in this behind-the-scenes film. Expect Oppedisano to bring Testosterone, his best-selling homoerotic photobook, to life with interviews, super erotic situations and extended wrestling scenes. Oppedisano’s gritty style only begins to describe Knockout! You won’t believe your eyes, as this exclusive video pulls no punches and neither will these guys. This hyper masculine film also features fresh tracks from up and coming artists like Logo TV’s NewNowNext favorite Cazwell and was shot by Tony Sellaris at the world famous Gleason’s Gym in New York. Once you’re in this ring, you’ll definitely want to go down for the count.

Stars: Tyler Peterson, Luke Peterson, Quenton Lindstrom, Hermes Fortes, Tony Ferringo, Christian Bouthillette, Frankie Angiulli

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