Jock Straps Half Off

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Video: Jock Straps Half Off

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Vivid Man
There more hot ‘n heavy homo action off the field…than on! After the hard fought contest on the field…the games are not over by a long shot! There’s just nothin’ like winding down those tense muscles in the lockerroom with your hot, sweaty, and horny buddies. Those lockerroom man smells just get these hunks’ balls churnin’ and dicks sprouting… Now the man fun begins.

Stars: J.T. Sloan, Paul Carrigan, Zach Richards, Eric Lane, Dino Phillips, Chad Conners, Joey Stefano, Ted Cox, Devyn Foster, Todd Stevens, Alec Powers, Nick Leonetti, David Rockmore, Tony Davis, Les Stine, Mike Chavez, Brian Anger, Buck Tanner, Neil Thomas, Matthew Easton, Rick Racer, Steven Craig, Cory Dekker

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