Jock Shock!

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Video: Jock Shock!

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Ren Adams, as the coach of this bad boys locker room, towers over his students. His big beefy cock is ready and hard for their admiration after their young, plush asses are deeply reddened. Also, he was warned by the class troublemaker, “Don’t fuck with Coach Sheffield, he’ll have your ass in a sling!” He’d already raised the hackles of the revered coach and the poor newcomer was terrified as he watched the class clown get his comeuppance. The coach is a stern young disciplinarian with no sense of humor. He loves these kids, but he will take no bullshit from them. First, the troublemaker gets it. His lithe ass is walloped in the locker room and the coach has a maniacal look in his eyes as he spreads the boys cheeks and whacks him right on the hole. The new boy just can’t keep his mouth shut and soon he too is suffering under the coach’s discipline. Each student is forced to help the coach beat the other lad, which breaks their attitudes down into moldable young students.

Stars: Ren Adams

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