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Video: Game Face

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Vivid Man
Four non-stop hours of locker room lust! Follow these athletic guys as they horse around…err…dick around in the locker room. Nothing better than unwinding after a tough game or workout than to relieve the built up stress and pressure in that excitable third leg with your equally horny male buddies. Its man-to-man suckin’ and screwin’ jock stud style…you can almost smell it!

Stars: Grant Wood, Paul Carrigan, Tim Barnett, Rick, Storm, Eric York, Brett Ford, Ted Cox, Devyn Foster, Justin Side, Adam Rom, Chris Rock, Brad Phillips, Danny Sommers, Nick Leonetti, Hans Mueller, David Rockmore, Tony Davis, Mike Lamas, Brendan Knight, Michael White, Eric Ryan, Bill Crane, Matt Easton, Mike Chavez, David Cline, Coy Dekker, KC Hart, Rick Estephan, Jordan Young, Buck Tanner, Wayne Montgomery, Sean Cannon, Joe Scolina, Sonny Listz, Rick Racer, Steven Craig, Marc Romano

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